HSVFD 3Hot Springs Village Fire Department personnel took their fire safety training house to Fountain Lake School District May 6-7 to train approximately 580 students and teachers. The students ranged from kindergarten to fourth grade. The training instructed the students on what to do in the case of a structure fire.

The information taught to the students was dependent on their grade level.

The students were taught about the importance of having and practicing a fire escape plan. They learned that windows and doors are two ways out of a structure. From there, they learned how to check a door for heat before opening it, to get low and crawl below smoke, and to have a safe meeting place where every family member should meet.

Every student got to practice when and how to stop, drop, and roll. They were also taught how to call 911 and what information they need to know as well as questions an emergency dispatcher might ask. Students were taught to never play with matches or lighters, safe kitchen practices and the importance of having functioning smoke detectors in the home.

Younger students were taught what firefighters look like in their gear so they wouldn’t be frightened and hide from them. As part of familiarizing the children, a firefighter put on firefighting gear and another explained what each piece is for.

Each student also had the opportunity to enter the fire safety training house where they could put their newly attained knowledge to the test in a controlled environment.

According to the National Fire Protection Association’s 2018 report, every year, home structure fires cause an average of 2,560 deaths in the U.S. Of those deaths, approximately 80 percent is caused by smoke inhalation.

Cutline: Firefighters Bryan Hunt, left, in gear, and Matt Harper, spoke to Fountain Lake students about what to do in the case of structure fires on May 6-7. Part of the program was teaching the students about a firefighter’s gear and how it protects and helps them during fires.