Balboa 2 cropped

Balboa Golf Course

This pine tree is beside the Magellan No. 2 tee box stretching out into the fairway. “This tree has been our first priority for cleaning up because of its size,” said Magellan Golf Superintendent Donald Jones. “We have just about cleaned it up. The damage caused by this one is a big hole in the ground where the root system was attached. We will refill the hole with dirt and sod over.”

Magellan Golf Course

Storms literally snapped off the top of this tree at behind the DeSoto Golf Course on June 19.

DeSoto Club

The severe storms that hit Hot Springs Village on June 19 brought down trees at Balboa, DeSoto and Magellan Golf Courses.

The storm broke the top off of a big oak behind the DeSoto Clubhouse and on the No. 13 Tee. DeSoto Golf Course Superintendent Tami Jones said a contractor will remove the trees and the DeSoto golf course crew will clean up the limb at the No. 13 Tee. The team will also be cleaning up debris left across the course by the storm over the next few days.

At Magellan, a 75-to-100 foot tall pine tree fell beside the No. 2 tee box stretching out into the fairway. The tree was pulled up by its roots and crews are working to fill the hole as well as remove the tree. At Magellan No. 3 was a tree on the cart path, which has already been cut away to allow play through, according to Magellan Golf Superintendent Donald Jones.  Jones said that the damage at Magellan No. 14 was very minimal.

Balboa Golf Course Superintendent Juan Nunez said that two trees were down at the left of the course’s No. 4 Tee, one tree was down to the right of the No. 6 Fairway and two trees were down to the right of the No. 9 Tee. Nunez said that clean up will begin on Balboa Sunday and should be finished by Wednesday. He said that the cleanup will be handled by Balboa staff. He also added that the cart path at the course was clear.