Kim StonakerIn an effort to spotlight the many volunteer opportunities within the Hot Springs Village POA, and the amazing volunteers who have already discovered these positions, we’re kicking off a new recognition program.

Hot Springs Village POA proudly recognizes Kim Stonaker as a Coronado Fitness Center volunteer. In addition to her volunteerism at the fitness center, Kim also volunteers at Glazier Peau Baptist Church.

Kim’s favorite thing about volunteering: “Getting to know some of the patrons and hearing their stories,” Stonaker said. “I feel that everyone has a story and it’s quite interesting to hear their story. I also enjoy when we have visitors and I can share my love of the center and the Village.”

Kim’s hometown is New Orleans and she has lived in Hot Springs Village for two and a half years. Her family consists of her husband, Bruce, and her Schnauzer mix, Toby as well as her children Brandon, Patrick and Christina; Bruce’s children Kim, Anthony and Philip, and their six grandchildren: Scarlett, Edyn, Sadie, Matthew, Max and Daggie. Hailing from New Orleans, her favorite college sports team is, of course, the Louisiana State University Tigers.

When asked her favorite thing life in Hot Springs Village, “first, the beauty and peacefulness,” Stonaker said. “It amazes me every day! Then, the friendliness of the people here and surrounding areas. I believe it’s because most people here believe in God and live their lives for Him. Also, so much to do! If you’re bored in the Village, it’s your own fault, so many clubs, groups, activities, etc.”

Thank you Kim for being an amazing volunteer!

For more information on how to become a Coronado Fitness Center Volunteer, please contact Cassandra Booth, Coronado Fitness Center Fitness Coordinator at