Board of Directors

L to R front row – Director Mike Medica, Director Nancy Luehring, Director Dick Garrison. Back row – Vice Chair Tormey Campagna, Director Diana Podawiltz, Director Buddy Dixon, and Chair Cindi Erickson.

Our seven-member Board of Directors elected by the membership governs the POA. All board members serve on a voluntary basis. The Board’s mission is to govern consistently with the Declaration and Protective Covenants, to assure the viability of Hot Springs Village by establishing and managing goals and objectives and to ensure that the voice of the property owner is represented.

Meeting Dates

The Hot Springs Village Board of Directors meet on the third Wednesday of each month at the Ponce de Leon Center at 9:00 a.m.

Board Meeting Decorum

Nancy Luehring, Director/Parliamentarian Remarks


Board Meeting

Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association Board of Directors Meeting Information is available for viewing at the Property Owners’ Association Corporate Secretary’s Office in the Administration Building 895 DeSoto Blvd.

Please visit our Youtube page to view videos of our Board of Directors Meetings,Townhall meetings, and Forward Together Forum videos.

Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are added to the website after approval from the Board at a Regular Meeting.


06-19-19 Regular Session
05-23-19 Special Board Meeting
05-15-19 Regular Session
04-17-19 Annual Members Meeting Minutes
03-20-19 Regular Session
02-20-19 Regular Session
01-16-19 Regular Session
12-19-18 Regular Session
11-30-18 Special Member Meeting -Vote
11-30-18 Regular Session
10-17-18 Regular Session
09-19-18 Regular Session
08-15-18 Regular Session
07-18-18 Regular Session
06-20-18 Regular Session
05-16-18 Regular Session
04-18-18 Regular Session
03-21-18 Regular Session
02-21-18 Regular Session
01-17-18 Regular Session

Board of Directors

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Cindi Erickson, Chairman |

Tormey Campagna, Vice Chairman |

Buddy Dixon |

Dick Garrison |

Nancy Luehring |

Mike Medica |

Diana Podawiltz |


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Board Meeting Packet

Please find below PDF links to information contained in the Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association Board of Directors meeting packet.

Board meetings are held at 9 a.m. on the third Wednesday of each month in the Ouachita Building at the Ponce de Leon Center.

Paper copies of the Board Packet may be viewed at in the Corporate Secretary’s Office at the POA Administration Building – 895 DeSoto Blvd.

August 21, 2019 Board Meeting


Consent Agenda
07-17-19 Regular Board Meeting Minutes
Ratify Appointment of Ad Hoc Governing Documents Committee
Appointment to Governmental Affairs Committee

CEO/Corporate Secretary Report
CFO/Corporate Treasurer’s Report
COO Report
CMEO Report




Recommended Revisions to Governance Committee Charter