Sykora, MikeThe work of the Hot Springs Village Fire Department is central to making the Village a safe place to live. Volunteer firemen are part of the backbone of the HSVFD.

This week’s spotlight is on Mike Sykora, who has been a volunteer fireman for 28 years.

When it comes to his volunteer work, Mike says his favorite thing is “helping others that are in need.”

Mike has been in the Village for the past 34 years. He is originally from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Mike lives with Kimberly, his wife for 31 years, her dog and her two cats. His son, Zachary, also lives in the Village, with his wife and two sons. He also has another son, Tyler, who lives in Kansas City, with his wife and two children. He is also an employee of the HSV POA outside of his volunteer work with the HSVFD.

When it comes to sports, Mike still shows his Wisconsin roots by supporting the University of Wisconsin Badgers.

“It was a great place to raise my kids,” Mike said of the Village. “It’s been a good place to work since 1984. It’s private where I live inside the Village. Good people and many friends live here also.”

Thank you Mike for giving so much of your time to Hot Springs Village!

Those interested in learning about volunteer firefighting, please contact the Cortez Fire Station at 501-922-2210 or contact Fire Chief Jason Miller at